Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Heads Up! Big GUI Merge Coming!

Just a warning to all Ryzom Core developers that the GSoC 2012 GUI Editor fork will be merged back into default within the next day or two. This branch contains much more than just a GUI Editor plugin to OVQt - it required substantial refactoring of the interface_v3 code in order to make it modular and reusable.

To view the source that will be merged, please look at dfighter's repository:


This is being done in preparation for the 0.9.0 release and to mitigate merge conflicts that dfighter has been battling over the past few months.

Thank you for your patience and let us know if there are any problems!


  1. error compil with debian

    ryzomcore/code/ryzom/server/src/entities_game_service/player_manager/character.cpp:1539: error: â_AchievementsPlayerâ was not declared in this scope

    1. Sorry, just delete that line. It's a bad merge with the character achievements branch. The fix will get pushed tonight.

  2. Compil client/server OK but black screen when connect from server with this message log :

    2013/02/25 07:32:38 INF 140814112 fe_receive_sub.cpp 281 readIncomingData : FEHACK: * User 0 :56218 (XXXXXXXXX) --> 33 msg, reasons: Not system login code;
    2013/02/25 07:32:43 INF 140814112 fe_receive_sub.cpp 281 readIncomingData : FEHACK: * User 0 :56218 (XXXXXXXXX) --> 26 msg, reasons: Not system login code;

    1. Vincent,

      This is new to me, I've never seen this. Could you switch over either to our discussion community:


      Or IRC at irc.freenode.net in #ryzom ?