IMPORTANT! Development Methodology Changes

Since there have been a growing number of new users coming to Ryzom Core for the purpose of using it rather than working on it we decided it was time »

A More Realistic Roadmap

The roadmap that we haven't been following was arbitrarily created by Winch Gate when Ryzom Core was open-sourced. We, in the community, have been toiling away at the things that »

Summer of Code 2014

Ryzom Core is participating in Google's Summer of Code 2014 this year again under the umbrella of WorldForge. We really appreciate the support that WorldForge provides us year after year »

Mundo Sangre IndieGoGo

Mundo Sangre is a recent project in the Ryzom Core community. Marisa Giancarla has been active in the Ryzom and Ryzom Core communities lately including working on a new iOS »

Level Design Data Move

We discovered that projects using Ryzom Core would fork the codebase and make their own modifications to customize it for their particular game. For the most part these types of »

Ryzom Core Developers Blog Move!

The Ryzom Core developer blog is making a move from Blogger to a self-hosted Ghost blog. I made this decision for a number of reasons but largely because I wanted »